Sustainability is a core principle of our business. We focus on sustainability in two areas: sustainable employment and sustainable business practices.

We follow a set of sustainable core business objectives that starts with respecting people and the land. As an Indigenous-owned and staffed business, our practice centres around creating sustainable employment and economic opportunities for Indigenous people in the communities where we work.


How we deliver our sustainability objectives

We implement sustainable, safe, and ethical practices in the delivery of our projects.

We foster mutually beneficial relationships with government, community, and commercial organisations, which helps us deliver better outcomes.

We provide support services for all staff. Our team of highly experienced construction professionals mentor our junior team members, nurturing their talent and giving their education and on-site training a boost. This creates deeper relationships across our multidisciplinary teams. We offer our staff a sustainable career path with clear career progression.

Leaving a positive legacy in the communities in which we work in is another core part of our business. We do this by investing in and hiring local Indigenous talent in the areas where our projects are, and by using an Indigenous-led supply chain.

The safety of our staff, clients, and the communities where we work is paramount. We build safe work practices into our business process.

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