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What We Do

Aboriginal Residential Construction

Why You Should Build with Our Aboriginal and Residential Construction Company

Our business firmly commits to Aboriginal residential construction with a focus on community, quality builds,, and employment of Indigenous people. We are dedicated to having strong leadership in every project from start to completion, creating opportunities for Aboriginal Australians to develop their skills and have sustainable employment.

What Sets BY Group Apart Regarding Indigenous Residential Construction

We are highly knowledgeable, provide exceptional service to our clients and deliver quality projects over and above expectation.

  • Qualifications and accreditations: Our company is Supply Nation, and Federal Safety Commission certified. We abide by WHS policy, maintain ISO safety standards, and hold the relevant qualifications for constructing a variety of builds. These qualifications include construction management, civil works, carpentry, health, and safety and more.

  • Substantial construction capacity: We have extensive experience overseeing and completing a variety of projects including new builds, fit-outs, refurbishments as well as civil and solar construction. We provide a thorough service that includes consultancy, design, construction, management, and subcontractors to ensure that we complete your build on time, with attention to detail and at the highest standard. 

  • Career pathways: Members of our company continually develop and expand their skills through our career pathways. We are industry leaders in the development of Indigenous talent with training and mentoring to ensure every team member achieves their personal and professional goals.

Why Trust BY Group Regarding Indigenous Residential Construction?

With every project, our company aims to leave a legacy in the communities in which we work. 


  • Community partnership: We provide an honest and genuine service with clear and transparent communication between all our partners. As an independent company where the majority 50% of our staff are Aboriginal, we engage the support of local resources and Indigenous businesses. Our  team is committed to delivering genuine and positive outcomes for the Indigenous community.

  • High professional standard: Our industry-experienced senior team members set and maintain a high standard of professionalism to enable us to deliver premium quality service. This commitment to excellence ensures that we nurture and develop every employee and provide exceptional quality and results on our projects.

  • Core principles: We follow a set of core principles which include implementing sustainable and ethical practices in every build, developing mutually beneficial relationships with all parties involved, mentorship and support for our staff to ensure exceptional service and career progression.

About BY Group

Our company was founded in 2014 to create sustainable employment opportunities and economic independence in the construction industry for Indigenous people. We employ a large number of Aboriginal people and have numerous opportunities for our employees to develop skills and gain qualifications. Every professional within our company commits to maintaining our values which includes the respect of culture, colleagues, suppliers, clients, and environment, deliver open and honest communication, encourage diversity, and provide exceptional service with quality constructions. Contact our professionals today for your new residential build.

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